Appraisal Reports

We partner with every client, from the first inquiry through the delivery of your certified report; working with you to select the best options according to your unique situation. AEAB Appraisers have the qualifications, experience and follow through to deliver solutions you can depend on.

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What’s Included In My Report?

      • Independent opinion of value that is defensible and well supported.
      • Definitions of value, which serves as the basis for the valuation.
      • Statement describing the scope, purpose, value definitions and asset definitions of the appraisal.
      • Complete descriptions including; location, photographs, identifying factors and availability.
      • Observations in regards to the general condition, age and remaining useful life.
      • Written narrative of the nature of the company.
      • Thorough explanation of methodology, including approach to value and research techniques.
      • Analysis of evaluation considerations, physical or economic factors affecting the value of the assets.
      • The Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraisers qualifications, experience and resources.


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