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Service Firm Professionals like CPA’s and Insurance Agents, require accurate values to assist their clients. We employ proven methods and accurate product solutions that withstand strict scrutiny to a broad spectrum of needs. Professional credentials and years of experience allow us to deliver Certified Appraisal Reports that will protect your client and help them make important decisions to move their business forward. We truly understand your business and can offer the right solution every-time on time, that is the AEAB difference!

Taxation & Insurance

Due to strict audit requirements, accounting firms often require an independent appraisal with accurate, specific and extensive explanations. Does your client need to eliminate “Ghost Assets” to reduce personal property tax? Are you assisting them to convert from an S-Corp from a C-Corp? A Certified Appraisal Report will protect your clients’ best interest in any situation.

Insurance companies want to understand the full picture of risk they are assuming when providing property and casualty coverage. Changing carriers, renewing policies or determining the amount to pay on a claim are common reasons Insurance companies engage an Independent Certified Appraiser to value their clients assets.

Some Ways We Can Help

      • Divorce
      • Estate Plannings
      • 1031 Exchanges
      • Charitable Contributions
      • Gifting Programs
      • Trust Agreements
      • Litigation & Disputes
      • Dissolution
      • Cost Segregation
      • Sarbains/Oxley
      • Adequacy of Life Insurance
      • Bankruptcy & Foreclosures
      • Eminent Domain
      • Franchise Valuation or Evaluation
      • Liquidations or Reorganization
      • Succession Planning

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