What We Can Offer Individuals

People from all circles encounter situations where they require an Independent Certified Appraisal of their assets. We can assist you in making important decisions by delivering accurate valuation products that withstand strict scrutiny. When making these important life-changing decisions, you will feel confidence and peace of mind knowing your assets were accurately valuated by the experienced, Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraisers and Senior Business Analysts here at AEAB.

Divorce & Donation

During an already difficult situation, AEAB will help you navigate the appraisal process. Providing a high level of customer service, we will explain the entire process to you one step at a time. We will minimize your frustration and provide you with an accurate picture of your assets that will stand firm during negotiations.

IRS Guidelines require an independent appraisal of any asset you donate and plan to write off. Whether you donate a boat, machine or other assets AEAB will provide you with an accurate appraisal that exceeds the IRS guidelines.

Some Ways We Can Help

      • Estate Plannings
      • 1031 Exchanges
      • Charitable Contributions
      • Trust Agreements
      • Litigation & Disputes
      • Adequacy of Life Insurance
      • Bankruptcy & Foreclosures
      • Eminent Domain

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