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Lending Institutions

Lending environments today are anything but black & white. Working with a variety of Commercial and SBA Lenders over the years, we understand the challenges and concerns lenders face on a daily basis. Having accurate, defensible values to support loan decisions is a growing need for lenders in banks, credit unions and financial groups everywhere. AEAB can provide you with the exact product solution you need, saving you time and money. We would be happy to send you a sample appraisal or quote anytime.

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You will come to depend on the accurate results we will deliver by applying proven methods to your appraisal reports in a timely manner. Our reports will enable you to have a full picture of your clients’ assets now and enable you to act on any situation the future may bring with full confidence. When making these important lending decisions, you will feel confidence and peace of mind knowing the experienced, Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraisers and Senior Business Analysts at AEAB accurately valuated your clients business.