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We Deliver the Right Solution Every-Time On Time; That is the AEAB Difference! With over a decade in the valuation business, we have assembled a team of experienced Certified Appraisers, Business Analysts, and Brokers to service clients in all industry segments. We employ proven methods and deliver accurate product solutions that withstand strict scrutiny to a broad spectrum of needs. Providing a high level of customer service, we will explain the entire process to you one step at a time. We will minimize your frustration and provide you with an accurate picture of your assets. Our clients feel confident that our services exceed industry standards, while reflecting the latest trends affecting their assets. Contact us today for a free quote and information packet!
We Offer a Variety of Solutions for Today’s Lenders Today’s lending environment is anything but black & white. Working with a variety of Commercial and SBA Lenders over the years, we understand the challenges and concerns lenders face on a daily basis. Having accurate, defensible values to support loan decisions is a growing need in banks, credit unions and financial groups everywhere. AEAB can provide you with the exact product solution you need, saving you time and money. Our reports will enable you to have a full picture of your clients’ assets now and enable you to act on any situation the future may bring with full confidence.      >> READ MORE
Large or Small, We Have Solutions for Every Business Business Owners, Private Companies and Public Corporations face a multitude of situations that require accurate valuations of their assets. In today’s economic climate, lenders are far more cautious in their approval decisions then in years past. Accurate valuation is a key component for a variety of ownership agreements and changes. Formation, buy / sell agreements, partnership dissolution, owner retirement, new partners, and many more scenarios require businesses to have their assets valuated.  Asset Equipment Appraisals and Brokerage can help you by employing proven methods and accurate product solutions that withstand lender, buyer, and seller scrutiny.       >> READ MORE
We Apply The Right Solutions to a Multitude of Legal Scenarios Attorneys know the key to winning lawsuits: identifying and utilizing all available options to bring a successful conclusion. AEAB assists Legal Professionals with accurate and defensible valuation solutions; capitalizing on the strength of their case and increasing their chances of success. Feel confident when you walk into court that you will have what you need to prevail. You can expect specific and extensive documentation within all appraisal reports. Professional credentials allow AEAB to deliver certified reports that exceed USPAP standards. Your Certified Appraisal report will withstand a Daubert challenge.        >> READ MORE
We Offer Solutions for Many Types of Service Firms CPA’s, Insurance Agents and a broad spectrum of Service Firm Professionals require accurate values to assist their clients. AEAB employs proven methods and accurate product solutions that withstand strict scrutiny. Professional credentials and years of experience allow AEAB to deliver Certified Appraisal Reports that will protect your client and help them make important decisions to move their business forward.      >> READ MORE
We Will Assist You in Making Those Important Decisions Individuals from all socioeconomic circles encounter situations where they require an Independent Certified Appraisal of their assets. AEAB assists you in making important decisions by delivering accurate valuation products that withstand strict scrutiny. Providing a high level of customer service, we will explain the entire process to you one step at a time. We will minimize your frustration and provide you with an accurate picture of your assets.     >> READ MORE
We Exceed Guidelines and Expectations for Government Agencies Government agencies rely upon accurate valuations to ensure fiscal responsibility when making decisions about asset retirement. We have appraisal products that exceed government guidelines. We also provide government agencies with the quick turn times that they require. We have a proven record of accomplishment providing accurate appraisal products to a variety of government agencies.       >> READ MORE
We Specialize in Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations Non-Profit Organizations require a higher level of accountability. We can assist Worship Groups, Educational Institutions and Outreach Centers by providing accurate values that enable these agencies to be good stewards of their resources. We will walk you through the process step by step. Changing insurance carriers, renewing policies, or growth and expansion goals are common reasons non-profit organizations engage us for quality Certified Appraisals.       >> READ MORE


What We Deliver

      • Professional, Timely and Courteous Customer Service
      • Experienced, Accredited Appraisers, Analysts & Brokers
      • Quick Turn Time on Cost/Bid Requests
      • Accurate, Specific & Extensive Valuation Reports
      • Nationwide Service Area


What Our Clients Say

WI Bank
“It truly is people like you that make it such a joy to work with. – Thank you for everything!”

Creation Tree Service
“Both Eddie and I are very happy with the report we got from you. Never did I think it would have so much detail and back-up support. Eddie is a very hard working man who has put all of his sweat and long hours to make a good living for his family. Never did he think it would come these hard times. The professional report will help him give a honest value on his business. Thank you again.”

Timbers-Selissen Land Specialists, Inc.
“Since 2010, Asset Equipment Appraisals has worked with our company in completing FFE appraisals for various types of businesses throughout Wisconsin. The staff is professional and knowledgeable and their reports are always completed in a timely manner.”
“I have completed a review of Jacob’s report and have found everything in good order. The information was presented clearly and was very helpful for completing our exercise.”